Creative Week C Train Playlists

Getting to and from the Creative Week thought leadership sessions this week is easy. Take the C Train to and from the venues (Spring Street for City Winery and High Street for Galapagos Art Space). It takes about 20-25 from the moment the train doors close to when you walk in to the venue. 

So we wanted to give you a little music for the ride.

Below, you’ll find all kinds of Spotify playlists to help make the ride and walk go a little quicker. 


Quick note: when you load these up, please be sure to enable “Available Offline” in Spotify so that you can hear the music on the train. 

90s Brit Pop

Jazz Vocalists

Dream Pop

French Pop

Indie Folk

NYC Hip Hop

Acid Jazz

Upbeat Electronic

Chill 1

Chill 2

Smooth Jazz

5 with @faris: On Cracking The Ad Code + His Creative Week Panel


Faris Yakob.

Highly amiable bloke.

Super-passionate about creativity.

Hell of a lot of fun to talk to.

So we decided to create a little podcast with our friend: 5 with @faris.

We’ll mine the vast swath of creative thought. We’ll talk possibility, the past, present — the future. It’s the “why” of creativity.

All in 5 minutes. Or so.

This week, it’s all about Creative Week and the panel Faris is on.

Is it possible to be methodical about creativity? (The answer is “yes.”)

How does creative wanderlust fit in to method and regimen?

What will people take away from this session on Wednesday?

It’s all here. Along with Hamlet and John Cleese references.

So English.


When The Young Guns Take The Reigns: A Chat With Ed Brojerdi of kbs+


An interesting though: what does happen when an agency relinquishes control and lets the young/new people take over?

We’re looking forward to what kps+ has to say about it — as they have plenty of experience here.

We caught up with Ed Brojerdi, President + Co-Chief Creative Officer, kbs+ for a quick Q&A on the topic, and what to expect at their session on Monday, May 7th at 2pm.

Q: So, you’ve given the kids the keys to the “good car.” As a leader, how do you make the decision to relinquish a level of control? What needs to be in place to make it work? 

A: Like anything in life, trust is a big factor. 

It’s OK to relinquish a level of control when you truly believe in the capabilities and skills of others. You don’t push someone into the deep end to watch them drown. You throw them into the deep end because you have a strong sense that they will immediately start swimming. You form these beliefs directly working with these individuals. 

You can never truly know if someone has the chops to make it or not, but you have to trust your instincts and your experience to make the most informed decision. It’s important to take risks, but you can manage risk—it doesn’t have to be a black and white thing.

Q: What are the major built-in advantages to letting younger/new people take the reigns when there is so much at stake?

A: It’s human nature to think that no one else can do it “right.” 

The reality is that there are many ways to be right. 

A problem can have many successful solutions, not just one.  To believe that decades of experience are required to be “good” is a negative byproduct of the ego. I see this prove out anytime I go and meet with young talent in the startup community. The level of thinking, fit and finish, business acumen and prowess of some of those coming out of school is mind-blowing. 

We tend to forget that capabilities and knowledge are incremental.  One of the best advantages of the inexperienced is that they are not limited by their prejudices; they tend to have not formed bad habits. There is something to be said about the purity of  so-called inexperience.

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Creative Week Session Spotlight: A Session With Bob Mankoff Of The New Yorker


Who doesn’t love The New Yorker cartoons?

So much variety, commentary and whimsy on the esteemed pages of one of the world’s great publications.

And we’re incredibly pleased to have Bob Mankoff, New Yorker Cartoons Editor, host a session next Tuesday at Creative Week.

We caught up with him for a quick Q&A.

Q: You may very well have one of the best jobs, not just in media, but the world. What excites you most about digging in at work every day?

A: Getting to help select the best cartoons in the world from the best cartoonists in the world for the best magazine in the world is a tough dirty job, but someone has to do it.

But seriously, or at least semi-seriously, I love the fact that even though I’ve done a lot of cartoons and seen probably more than anyone else in the world, I can still be surprised by and delighted when something new appears, whether a new idea, or a new cartoonist with a different slant on cartooning.

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Creative Week Schedule Playlist: 4/23

Today, it’s the New York-themed playlist to get you in the mood for Creative Week in New York City, May 7th to the 11th.

Hit play, then go to the Creative Week schedule to plan out your week of unbridled creativity.

You won’t want to miss all of the special events and the incredible thought-leadership program that includes Morgan Spurlock on Monday, May 7th at 5pm.

Then, register for Creative Week. We have all kinds of flexible packages available — and starting for as little as $99 per day.

After you’re registered, be sure to get your Creative Week iPhone app. It’s your mobile home for everything you need to make it a week you won’t forget.

Creative Week Schedule Playlist: 4/22

Settle in on Sunday morning.

Get the coffee going. Then, hit play.

Go through the Creative Week schedule.

Start plotting your week — from May 7th to the 11th.

Then, pick the package you want and register for as little as $99.

Consider this your Sunday morning musical companion to plan a week of creativity in New York that you won’t want to miss.

Here’s the direct link to the playlist as well.

How Fashion Won My Soul


When you hear the word “fashion”, what’s the first thing you think of?




Or even:


Fashion may be all of these things, but there’s also something so precious about it.

Fashion is where art and design collide; it’s where you get to bring something to life simply by wearing it. 

A piece of clothing is a soul in every stitching there is a mark left by the designer. Their thoughts and ideas have been expressed and brought to life in the greatest way. 


It’s art that you can wear.

When it’s Fashion Week, my focus is on the mood and theme of the designers. I look at how the runway has been decorated, the makeup on the models I take all those little details into my mind. 

I analyze the style

I try to feel what the designer felt when they were making their pieces. I even look at how it was worn to make a statement. The patterns, choices in color shades, the design and needlework – these are all imprints left behind by a creative genius.

It’s an art. 

And just like paintings, fashion can live on forever. 

Creativity starts with a single thought that leads to other various ideas and it comes alive as it transforms itself into something we can see, touch and admire. 

Sometimes even feel – way beyond the literal touch points

Fashion is one of the various forms in which creativity can be truly expressed.

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Crossing the Pond


“Is that an Irish Bróg I hear?” 

This is usually the first sentence out of anyone’s mouth following me uttering a word! 

I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. I recently swapped Dublin’s fair city for the bright lights of New York City. I was offered a position as Head of Digital Engagement with BigBuzz Marketing Group. I classify myself as one of the lucky ones. 

Ireland has been a casualty of this recession more than most nations. 

While I watched many friends leave for the Southern Hemisphere, I left of my own accord for an opportunity to reach for my dream:

To work in advertising in New York City. 

Way before Mad Men, I wanted to be a “Mad Man” to face the creative challenge of selling someone an idea. I happened to see the potential in social media early on, and spent years developing a creative and functional understanding of pretty much everything in the social media space. 

In today’s market, that’s what gives me an edge. 

This is where creativity comes into things. I swear there’s a point to all of this. 

When I got asked to blog for Creative Week, I wanted my first blog post to give insight to why it’s all so important to me. I think that being a creative person and working in this industry is not just a job it becomes a way of life. 

I find it very hard to switch off, and how could I! 

On average, Americans are exposed to 3,000 marketing messages per day!

One of the first experiences that really stood out after moving was my first trip to Times Square. The only thing I can compare it to is being a rookie playing his first game in Yankee Stadium. 

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